​Laufa update: Investigators to obtain search warrant

​Traffic investigators want a search warrant to look into the phone records of the main suspect involved in the death of former Miss PNG, Ruby Ann Laufa.

Lead investigator and Officer in Charge for Accidents, Sgt Gabriel Kake, told Loop PNG that a letter was drafted and sent to National Information and Communications Technology Authority and Digicel to obtain phone records of the main suspect.

“However, we are still waiting for an approved response from both organisations that will allow for police to look into the phone records for any relatable evidence,” he said.

Sgt Kake stated that they have collected statements from possible eyewitnesses as well as medical reports, but it is still not enough to build a strong case to present in court.

He was further made aware that a family friend of the Laufas has some information that might help the investigation, hence investigators are counting on that statement.

“For now, all we have are circumstantial evidence which cannot prove whether the suspect did cause the death of the victim, nor can we predict the outcome of the investigations.”

He adds that his team has looked into all avenues and will continue to look into the late Ruby’s case until they exhaust all aspects.

He said cases like Ruby Ann’s are very rare and can take up to months, adding that there is a possibility that the case might go in for the coroner’s inquest to determine her cause of death.

“However, once it goes in for the coroner’s inquest, it might also take some more time as the inquest will not make a decision on the spot to determine the cause of death. They also have to sit down and go through every detail in the investigation before making their decision.”

Kake assures the family, close friends and relatives of the late Ruby Ann that Traffic is doing everything they can to solve the case, and he asks them to be patient.

Meanwhile, the suspect is yet to be charged.

The late Ruby Laufa tragically passed away at the Port Moresby General Hospital on Saturday, February 11, at 3.30pm.

Annette Kora