​Doctor’s assault: Police officers need to own up

Police officers involved in the assault of Port Moresby General Hospital doctor, Newman Berry, need to own up.

Dr Berry was assaulted, without good reason, on May 31, where he suffered major injuries to his head and face. His car was also ransacked while being impounded at the Waigani Police Station.

While some progress into the case has been made, Police Internal Affairs Directorate director, Chief Superintendent Robert Ali, told Loop PNG that evidence is needed to point out the officers involved.

“Police officers were denying the reports. We are trying to work around that to establish facts to identify who was there and who actually threw a punch at or kicked the doctor,” says Ali.

“That’s what we are zeroing on, and it will conform to the doctor’s report.”

The director’s message to Waigani police is: “If you’re more than capable of doing this, and you were there at the scene and you assaulted the doctor, well come out and justify your actions!”

Meanwhile, this matter has been put on hold pending the return of his officers.

“All investigators have been deployed for election duties,” states Ali.

However, he has given his assurance that the Internal Affairs will get to the bottom of this.

(Dr Newman Berry at the emergency ward after his attack last month)

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Carmella Gware