28 apprehended after attack on family

Twenty-eight men were apprehended after attacking a family at Situm, Morobe Province.

The incident happened on Saturday, 16th of March, at about 10am.

A group of men loaded onto a PMV truck went to a village at Situm and attacked a family, damaging their property and wounding some of the family members.

A member of the public in the area called the Police Emergency Toll Free number, where Tent City Police responded by going to the location.

Police managed to stop the truck as it was heading back after the attack on the family.

“Twenty-eight individuals were apprehended and brought to Tent City Police Station where they were screened,” reported Lae police.

“Twenty-three out of the twenty-eight have been arrested for various offences ranging from being in possession of unlicensed guns, offensive weapons which included wire catapults, bush knives, screw drivers and other offences.

“CID will deal with the wounding and wilful damage.”

It was further noted that of the twenty three arrested, five are juveniles.

Lae metropolitan superintendent, Anthony Wagambie Jnr, said: “I am concerned about the number of juveniles being involved in illegal activities. Not only for this case but other cases dealt with by Police.

“This shows a lack of due care by parents. Parents and guardians are neglecting their parental responsibility and allowing their children to move about and do as they wish.

“This has resulted in children associating with the wrong company and getting involved in crime.”

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