You need to try the new neon light makeup trend

Your Insta feed is likely filled with endless images of actual neon signs encouraging followers to "Embrace the Good Vibes" or remain "Wild at Heart,".

But now the trend is becoming a lot more accessible through the latest craze: fluorescent light-inspired makeup looks.

Yep, that's right. Your eyes or lips can actually look like they're glowing, thanks to skillful recreations of those same neon lights that fill your feeds.

While some artists might use actual UV makeup, others, like Genevieve Jauquet, rely on their makeup skills to create that neon glow look. Instead, the Australian makeup artist started with a base of black liquid lipstick all over the lips. Then blended white and neon pink liquid lipsticks to create the glowing effect around the mouth. She finishes by outlining the lips with the white to create the "light bulbs." Seriously amazing.

Now scroll through the below makeup artists and get inspired while I try to find the brightest white liner in my makeup vanity.