Women leaders save young man

Quick action by women leaders in Moresby South has contained an incident which could have escalated into a more serious situation.

It has also led to the safe return of 18-year-old Dominic Cletus, alleged to have been abducted late Sunday evening.

Dominic was mistakenly linked to a robbery earlier that afternoon, where a bus 11 was held up at Koki bus stop.

He was last seen being forced into a bus 17 at Badili.

His abduction led to the extended family and the Koki community’s retaliation in stopping the buses on Monday.

But father Cletus Gomiai has women leaders Anna Punai, Vero Kai Mary Tokai, Hellen Hivitaro and the women network in Morata to thank.

“Women are very powerful. It was through them that we have saved a lot of lives. This could have escalated to a bad situation here at Koki,” he said.

They controlled the situation, stepped in to assist the family and police using their network.

Thanks to them, Dominic reunited with his family on Monday evening.

The women are now calling on NCD Governor Powes Parkop to take over the bus services in the city, to prevent such incidents from happening in future.

They are also appealing to the public, especially PMV bus operators, not to take matters into their own hands. 

Gloria Bauai