Urgent medivac appeal from remote village

An urgent medivac appeal has been issued by a remote medical patrol team from Yandera, Bundi, in Madang Province.

The Kumura Foundation’s “Travel2Change” team on Thursday treated a young man from remote Emigari village suffering from appendicitis.

“The patient has been down for 1 week now,” reported Vincent Kumura.

“There is acute inflammation and the patient is in extreme pain, unable to sleep. Fortunately, there is no rupture yet or he will die.

“However, he with two others of chronically ill conditions, need immediate medivac to Kundiawa General Hospital. They were treated with medications and injection but needed urgent special medical attention so were referred to Denglagu/Gembogl health centres in Simbu.

“Emigari is too far (27-30km of strenuous hike from Denglagu Health Centre). Even transporting by vehicle from Yandera may cause rupture and death anytime along the very bad and challenging road conditions in this wet season.

“At the moment, landslides made vehicles inaccessible to this rugged part of remote Upper Bundi. We are kindly asking for any help to medivac please.

“If you know someone or can pass this message around for help, we will really appreciate.”

Kumura provided mobile numbers: 7058 7067 or 7426 4790.

The Travel2Change medical patrol started trekking on Saturday, April 18th, in an effort to reach as many rural border villages as they can with basic medical treatment and COVID-19 awareness.

The patrol, with the COVID-19 medical team from Simbu, are resting at Yandera today (April 25th).

“We will continue westward to Jimi border tomorrow (Sun, April 27th),” stated Kumura.  

“We ran out of medical supplies and have to top up a few from Era Resources Inc.’s limited stock at Yandera.

“We should reach remote Bawi, Jimi border, by Tuesday, April 28th, and Kurumbukari Ramu Nickel Mine site on Friday, May 1st.”

Since Sunday, April 19th, the team has treated over 870 patients.

(The medical team treating the appendicitis patient)

Carmella Gware