‘Great Story For The Nation’

Director of the foundation, Vincent Kumura, described it as a “great story for the nation” at the conclusion of their program on the 29th of December.

Trekkers made up of medical officers, community health worker (CHW) students and members of the Kumura Foundation concluded their Travel2Change rural outreach program on the 27th of December in the Ramu Valley plains.

From there, they made their way to Madang Resort, where they set up camp at ‘Sugeng Aben’.

Patients Travelled Far And Wide

On December 13, a team of 29 trekkers trekked from Kegesuglo in Simbu to Bundi to conduct a 14-day rural medical patrol through the foundation’s annual ‘Travel2Change’ program.

The team included a medical doctor, a physio, two registered nurses and 11 community health worker (CHW) students of Kundiawa CHW Training Institution and trek members of Kumura Foundation.

From Snow Pass, Upper Bundi, to Tawiya, Lower Bundi, the team saw and treated over 700 patients, referred over 30 patients and also ran out of medical supplies.

A treat for ‘Travel2Change’ trek team

Starting on October 25th in Morobe, the team completed the final leg of their journey in Madang on Monday, November 2nd.

The 24 trek members reached Saidor, Raicoast, at 4.30pm. On November 4th, they commuted by dinghy to Madang town; an approximate 5-hour journey.

In Madang, Vincent Kumura of the Kumura Foundation said they were welcomed by prominent businessman, Sir Peter Barter, who gave them the Sugen Aben section of Madang Resort to rest.

Urgent medivac appeal from remote village

The Kumura Foundation’s “Travel2Change” team on Thursday treated a young man from remote Emigari village suffering from appendicitis.

“The patient has been down for 1 week now,” reported Vincent Kumura.

“There is acute inflammation and the patient is in extreme pain, unable to sleep. Fortunately, there is no rupture yet or he will die.

TB treatment, immunisation needed

The Kumura Foundation’s ‘Travel2Change’ medical patrol highlighted that tuberculosis and immunisation are two main issues faced by the remote area of Bundi in Madang Province.

The ‘Travel2Change’ medical patrol started walking from Mondia Bridge in Simbu to Snow Pass at Bundi, Madang Province, on Saturday.

Today marks the fourth day of trekking, which saw them set up a rural clinic at the remote Karizokara village of Upper Bundi.