Self-defense classes for females

As part of a new community initiative to address gender-based violence in Port Moresby, self-defense classes will be taught to females within the city.

The Moresby Betting Shop, in conjunction with the Rapopo Beach Resort and the Sanctuary Hotel, will be providing self-defense classes to interested groups of females.

Classes will integrate fitness and self-defense classes with the main aim of educating women on how to respond physically and mentally when they are confronted in times of danger. 

“Gender-based violence is a big issue in our society and is something that needs to be addressed collectively,” says Jamie Pang of the Moresby Betting Shop.

“Almost every day, there is an act of violence in our communities that somewhat affects us in one way or the other.” 

The Moresby Betting Shop is also happy to announce that Adrian "Hunter" Pang, who is a five-time world champion Professional Cage Fighter, as the official ambassador of this project. 

“Let’s make Papua New Guinea a safe place for everyone, especially for our women and children,” says Jamie Pang.

Press Release