Marianville students encouraged

Marianville Secondary School students have been encouraged to take what they learn and start the conversation about cancer prevention with friends and family.

60 students from Marianville were present at the Healthy Teens School Program (HTSP) and the Cancer Education & Awareness Workshop (CEAW) at the Taurama Aquatic Centre on Friday, 18th August.

Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation (PNGCF) Health Educator, Jacob Oburi, conducted the Healthy Teens School Program in the first session, educating them on how to reduce the risk of developing cancer.

“The World Health Organization (WHO) states that 30 percent of cancer cases are preventable,” Oburi said.

“One in three cancer cases could have been avoided by simply choosing a healthy lifestyle. Habits like smoking, drinking alcohol and chewing betelnut can lead to certain types of cancers.”

PNGCF Health Educator Dr Sonia Dadae conducted the Cancer Education & Awareness Workshop during the second session. Dr Dadae focused on cervical & breast cancer, signs & symptoms and the importance of prevention and detection as a way to reduce their risk of developing these cancers in the future.

“Reduce your cancer risk by making healthy lifestyle choice today: Don’t chew betelnut, don’t smoke, reduce your alcohol intake, eating healthy and exercising regularly.” Dr Dadae encouraged the participants.

The HTSP session concluded with a question & answer session with fun giveaway school packs. The pack contains stationery items with messaging to encourage positive lifestyle choices.

The event was in collaboration with the High Performance Sports PNG under the Emerging Talent Scholarship Program.

The two school-based cancer education & awareness programs that the PNGCF runs throughout the year are the Healthy Teens School Program (HTSP) and the Cancer Education & Awareness Workshops. The HTSP is proudly sponsored by Kumul Petroleum Holdings Ltd and Kumul Consolidated Holdings and the CEAW is sponsored by JM Ocean Avenue Ltd.

“PNGCF is thankful for the collaboration and invitation to conduct two of our school-based cancer education & awareness workshops at the Taurama Aquatic Centre for the Emerging Talent Scholarship Program on Friday, 21st August,” says the Foundation.

(The students from Marianville Secondary School that participated in the cancer education & awareness workshops along with PNGCF Health Educator, far left in blue shirt, Jacob Oburi, Dr Sonia Dadae, back row, blue shirt, third from right, and PNGCF Programs Manager, far right, Priscillar Napoleon)

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