It's Big Rooster time at VC

It's Big Rooster time at PNG's biggest mall - Vision City!


It was a long-time coming but the megamall finally can now boast a big rooster outlet.

The popular white bird with the big "R" on its chest stands smiling in place where Chicken Delight once stood.

The outlet opened its doors to the public on Sunday after serving its first meal to special guests from the Chesire Home, as tradition.

“We always wanted to come here to Vision City so we are excited to be here. It’s been pretty hectic but good to see the response. It validates our decision to come here,” a spokesperson, Anurag Borkar told Loop PNG.

Changes to the look includes moving the orientation of the kitchen to the side, allowing for more sitting area and extension to the patio.

There are at least 50 tables inside, and another 20 outside, making this the largest sit-down store amongst all the other Big Roster outlets.

It is also the 20th outlet for the 30 year old fast-food chain in Papua New Guinea.  

Big Rooster’s vision is to be the kitchen of the country and aims to continue its service loyally.

Borkar said the outlet at VC will maintain its prices and the quality and consistency of the food. 

“For example; one of our chicken policy is that if it cooks for more than two hours, we don’t serve that to a customer. Similarly, the chips we sell are made to order so we don’t make and reheat. The chips are cooked as the customer orders. And of course our secret mystical salt added.”

Gloria Bauai