Cancer Foundation sponsorship renewed

The Papua New Guinea Cancer Foundation (PNGCF) has announced the sponsorship of the Community Outreach and Prevention Education Program (COPEP) by JM Ocean Avenue in 2019.

This renewed sponsorship with JM Ocean Avenue will extend the work of the Foundation into more communities throughout Port Moresby and Central Province.

“JMOA is happy to continue sponsoring the community education and awareness workshops in 2019,” said JMOA branch manager, Patricia Agaru.

The workshops are conducted to encourage individuals to reduce their risk of cancer by choosing to make healthy lifestyle choices such as; Don’t Chew Betel, Don’t Smoke, Reduce Alcohol, Eat Healthy & Exercise Regularly. 

The workshops will be facilitated to also allow the public education about the importance of early screening and prevention.

“Over 3,000 participants have been reached since the 2016 PNGCF & JMOA partnership, the participants have been from both corporate and community groups in Port Moresby and Central Province,” said PNGCF Executive Manager, Priscillar Napoleon.

“The Community Outreach and Prevention Education Program will be community-based this year so the PNGCF expects the numbers to increase reach by having the workshops in communities themselves.”

PNGCF expects an increase in numbers as people are becoming interested in healthy lifestyle choices, cancer risk and prevention.

The Community Outreach Prevention Education Program workshops are free to the public and will be held in the Vabukori, Vadavada, Kirakira, and Hanuabada communities during the months of May, August and October this year.

To register and host a workshop in your office, contact the PNG Cancer Foundation office on 180 2009 or email for more information.

(From left: PNGCF Marketing Coordinator, Deborah Steven; JMOA  Branch Manager Patricia Agaru; Sales & Marketing Supervisor Rose Bossin; and PNGCF Executive Manager, Priscillar Napoleon)

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