From PMV Driver to Employee of the Year

Young Philip Hipo had come from a disadvantaged background, but his personal challenges did not deter him from seeking a brighter future. Today he is the best performing employee with Ramu NiCo Management (MCC) Limited (RNML), for the year 2023.

From Yati Village near the Kurumbukari (KBK) Mine site in Madang’s Usino Bundi District, the Grade 10 dropout joined RNML in January 2019. Five years on, he was highly recognized for his dedication to his job as a driver in the Logistics and Transport Department at the KBK Mine. 

Philip Hipo is engaged with the Logistics and Transport Department at the KBK mine site.

“I grabbed the opportunity as a driver at KBK mine and held onto it with both hands,” Hipo said.

He said the activities that earned him the Award of the Year in 2023 are all related to his line of work.

“I always maintain punctuality, getting normal jobs done on time, maintaining safety standards, taking good care of the company (light) vehicles during operational runs and ensuring that everything is well protected,” Hipo said.

Hipo was hired after passing all the tests for the driver position five years ago.

“Before coming and working here, I was a PMV driver, (driving) from Usino to Madang town and back,” the proud employee said.

Today, Hipo drives light vehicles for the RNML within the mine site. He also does pickup and drop off from the KBK mine site to the Madang Main Administration Office. He also drives transiting employees to Lae and Ramu Sugar in Morobe Province.

His Employee-of-the-Year award has motivated him to continue his good work. Hipo remains hopeful for another award at the end of this year.

Loop Author