Everyday People PNG : Michael Vincent

Michael Vincent has lived in Gerehu Stage 6 for almost 45 years. He showed up to the St. Paul’s school to cast his vote in the Moresby North West Election with many others from his neighborhood.

Hailing from Gulf Province, Michael grew up in Gerehu and now raises his own family in the suburb as well.

Michael says the eldest of his children is 18 years old and therefore, has voted for the leader he believes has the most experience and plans that will help develop the community by making sure that basic services are being provided and children remain in schools with proper learning facilities.

The father expressed the need for many other opportunities for employment and small and medium enterprise (SMEs) to get the youth and younger kids off the streets and getting involved in worthwhile activities to support themselves in the future.  

Michael hopes an experienced leader, with knowledge about the systems and work of the government is elected to the Moresby North West seat.   

Marysilla Kellerton