Everyday People PNG : Andrew Waramanga

Hello my name is Andrew Waramanga and I come from a small village in Wewak called Saure in the East Sepik Province.

I came to live in Port Moresby in 1989 and worked in the security department for companies like Air Niugini and the police force for a few years.

In 2003 I came to work for CE Hardware and for the past 19 years the company has been good to me through good times and bad.

My job was head of security and for checking of stock coming in and going out. I have met so many wonderful and interesting people on my job. The staff were and are like family to me, so it was really difficult to see most of them sent home.

Until 2018 the company had to downsize because business was beginning to go down and management were unable to keep even the most essential staff.

By 2020, our man power dropped drastically as business was hitting an all-time low and eventually, we kept our doors open for a few days a week as the pandemic set in.

It hasn’t been easy, but I have faithfully stuck by the company that took me in and cared for me and mine for many years.

To this day, I help to look after the premises and whatever they need me to assist in until its time to truly close the doors, but I continue to hope for things to get better as it has always been a company that provided quality goods and professional service.

But like every citizen of the world, we pray that corona virus takes leave of our lives and we can hope for a better life than the new normal we have been forced to live in. 

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