Everyday People: Luke Mark

Luke Mark is a PMV bus crew on route 13 in Port Moresby. He came to Port Moresby in September 2020. Luke is from Nebilyer in Tambul Nebilyer district, Western Highlands Province.

He is the last born of a family of six siblings, four boys and two girls.  His education in the village only reached Grade 6. Since his parents passed on, Luke has no idea about his age, nor when he last did Grade 6. Luke decided to come to Port Moresby in search for better life and to further his education hoping that his relatives could assist him but they did not. He reckons they think backwards as they do not see the importance of education.

“I feel like my family do not consider me important and this makes me worry a lot about my future. What is it going to be like being less educated? I must get educated to reach that level where I can look after myself and be independent,” Luke expressed. 

He was living with his brothers at 9-Mile but one of his uncles asked him to come and help him with his PMV bus so he is now running on the bus.

“When I was in the village I heard about people especially our wantoks who were living in Port Moresby and making a lot of money through PMV business. This made me come to Port Moresby, as I wanted to do the same. I didn’t have any money to buy a PMV so I decided to help out as a bus crew. Since last year September until this year September I have been here,” Luke said.

He says by running on a PMV he is gaining more experience in doing PMV business as well as saving money so that he can start his own small business like owing a taxi, PMV bus or a trade store.

Frieda Kana