Everyday People: Jacobeth Manase

Jacobeth is 21 years and originates from Manus, Milne and Central. She participated in a Holistic Business Training facilitated by the City Mission in Port Moresby during the month of July 2021.

“I learnt about how to budget. If I’m marketing something, all the money (is spent) unnecessarily. I went there and they taught us how to budget. Now I’m (going to) start my small business. I’ll start by helping my mother to sell donuts, ice blocks, and water; anything just to start a small business. To build a business like a store you need to start small.”

Jacobeth recently completed secondary school and entered into technical training in order to progress in life.

“I was at Caritas and then I went to ITI and took IT there, but I withdrew again and I went to TAFE and I finished there and was just at home. When mum asked us to come and join the group, I came with my other sister to the training. I learnt so much about the basics of doing business. They (taught) us the basics about starting up a business and motivated us to do so.”

Frieda Kana