Rebel Musik ready to rock Melbourne this weekend

Rebel Musik will bring a fusion of old and new on XO state this Friday in Melbourne under the guidance of talented PNG musician Airileke.

Working on final rehearsals now, the group of  at least 10 artists from PNG and West Papua aim to put up a spectacular performance for the audience.

 “Everything is sounding awesome with the use of traditional and modern instrumentation. It's a real fusion of the old and new. Mystic chants, native dialect rapping including Dubstep intertwined with lights and visuals as well. It's sounding and looking really good. Can't wait for this Friday. It's going to be a real audio and visual extravaganza,” said rapper SpriggaMek, who is part of the collaboration.

With one more day for final rehearsals tomorrow, Rebel Musik is polishing up the sequences and dance, working on connecting and synchronization.

The group will also be using this platform to sound loud the plight of West Papua, with aim to bring more attention.

“It’s real Rebel Musik!” SpriggaMek said.

Leader Airiileke is also a recognised activist for West Papua – using his music to advocate on the issue.

 SpriggaMek describes him in these words:

“He is a very passionate musician who is always driven by perfection. He is very articulate about everything from visual to audio and stage presence.

“I have learnt a lot from him and the other elders on this tour. It's such an honour to experience what I am witnessing now. The work ethic and level of professionalism is very much alive. The vibe is awesome.”

Rebel Musik performs February 24 on the late line up from 9pm on XO state, showing at the Arts Centre, Melbourne.  

Interested residents of Melbourne can visit Asia TOPA for entry fee information.

(Pictures supplied: SpriggaMek in Melbourne)

Gloria Bauai