Kid Nesian steps into music limelight

Most of you will agree that you always sound good when you sing in the bathroom.

It may have been a payoff from these sessions or just the music gene in him, but Kid Nesian has already gripped the hearts of many across the Pacific.

His new single – Stap Wantem Yu, dropped in February in time for Valentine’s Day.

And not only did it receive positive reaction from Papua New Guinea, but the song has reached other Pacific islands countries with Kid Nesian gaining a big fan base in Vanuatu.

This is the birth of his career, which began from a competition years back, and a life in music since childhood.

His father who played the lead guitar of the original Azimba band and his mother sang in church.

But after dropping out in a local singing competition, Brian Kepi, also lost interest in music.

“But there were people out there, like CHM, who were watching me and I had no idea. Through them, here I am, working my way up again. They’re the people who woke me up,” he said.

He is among few other young artists identified by the recording label to be given the opportunity in the music.

Stap Wantem Yu is not the first song he wrote and in deed not the last.

He is working with CHM on some other projects and should release a few covers soon.

He says doing the music video was the hardest but is glad to have developed new skills like acting and playing other instruments.


Gloria Bauai