Kid Nesian

Young artist gains steady following

Taking this fame as the perfect opportunity, the 21-year-old has wasted no time in giving his fans a second single – Tamine.

Tamine means girl in the Kombe language of West New Britain Province.

Released early this month, Tamine has followed in the footsteps of the first single, reaching the other pacific islands.

As far as his taste goes, Brian Kepi (real name) brings his own unique flavour from PNG to the Island Reggae genre.

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Kid Nesian steps into music limelight

It may have been a payoff from these sessions or just the music gene in him, but Kid Nesian has already gripped the hearts of many across the Pacific.

His new single – Stap Wantem Yu, dropped in February in time for Valentine’s Day.

And not only did it receive positive reaction from Papua New Guinea, but the song has reached other Pacific islands countries with Kid Nesian gaining a big fan base in Vanuatu.

This is the birth of his career, which began from a competition years back, and a life in music since childhood.


Fresh hit, fresh voice on airwaves!

This fresh hit is a collaboration of PNG’s CHM Supersound and Solomon Islands’ Shefram Studios.

Since its release last Saturday, February 12, Stap Wantem Yu music video has been viewed more than three million times and shared more than 100 times, reaching millions more.

It is the first single of Kid Nesian, also a fresh voice into the music scene, bringing music taste of his generation.  

The release of the song was in time with Valentine’s Day.

Whether you’re in love or looking for love, CHM has got you this Valentine’s Day.