I am more of an entertainer says YEK semi-finalist

I am more of an entertainer; that’s what I do with my dance skill, says Bradley Kanao, a semi-finalist of Yu Em Khax talent show.

And he sure is different.

Deviating from the usual bad boy aura most male dancers possess on stage, Bradley’s moves tend to be more feminine.

“I don’t just entertain by dancing but by having a comedy side to it. It’s a combination of break-dance moves, traditional dance moves and fun,” he explains.

Kanao, from Central and Chimbu Province, is 19 years old and has been dancing for more than 10 years.

“I see a dance move, I’ll get that idea and then have my own twist to it,” he said.

Although being part of dance crews, he prefers to try solo dance acts when competing because of his unique style.

“Even when we perform as a crew, I still do solo acts in between our dance routine. I have performed as a back-up dancer to singers and this talent has made it possible for me to meet many people I never thought I would meet,” he said.

Apart from dancing, Kanao also played soccer for a while, as well as being a pioneer yoga trainer through the initiative Yoga For Life.

“I am usually shy to go on television and Yu Em Khax is my first solo act on such a platform,” he added.

Kanao is confident of the semi-finals where he will be competing with eight other acts, for a spot in the grand-final and a cash price of K20,000.

Gloria Bauai