The driving force behind NoiZiiK’s win

Critic is the best drive to achieve something that at times may seem impossible to.

This was one of the main force behind the win of NoiZiiK – as Yu Em Khax winner.

“Beatboxing is fairly new or has just been revived and so there were many critics right from the start, many who perceived us as only noise and this drove us to get better and still is driving us,” Lazor Marx said.

Both boys crawled out of their shell and stepped higher at the grand-final. 

And if it was not for the public critics, the judges also did some of the pushing for the NoiZiiK duo.

“They told us to work together as a duo and we did,” he adds in appreciation of their relationship.

Lazor Marx describes his stage partner beatboxer_steve as a very honest and straight forward person. 

“We’ve been working together since 2014 and musically, we have both pushed each other to constantly build our skills,” he said.

Despite it coming as a shock, NoiZiiK’s win is a big achievement for the beatboxing community in PNG and the duo still aims to grow the base throughout the country.

If anybody is interested to learn beatbox, like and follow the community on Facebook Noiziik Beatbox PNG.

Lazor Marx and beatboxer_steve thanks all their friends and fans and a special thanks to Dj XXX.

Gloria Bauai