The driving force behind NoiZiiK’s win

This was one of the main force behind the win of NoiZiiK – as Yu Em Khax winner.

“Beatboxing is fairly new or has just been revived and so there were many critics right from the start, many who perceived us as only noise and this drove us to get better and still is driving us,” Lazor Marx said.

Both boys crawled out of their shell and stepped higher at the grand-final. 

And if it was not for the public critics, the judges also did some of the pushing for the NoiZiiK duo.

And the ultimate khax is…

In addition, the duo - Lazor Marx and Beatboxer Steve – has also snatched the K20,000 grand prize.

But it wasn’t an easy win, with all acts bringing the best onto the stage.

The talent show, first-of-its kind, was televised Sunday night on TVWan Life channel, showing grand- finalists Vigilante, Wilson Pulu, NoiZiiK, B13, Jack Spade and Bradly Kanao.

From eight contestants, there could always be one winner, and in this case, it was the duo that gave life to sound.

YEK first semi-final winners announced

NoiZiiK is made up of two beatboxers – Lazor Marx and beatboxer_steve, Vigilante is a dance crew of five male dancers and Jack Spade is a solo magician from Oro, Northern Province.

The three acts have secured a spot in the grand final for the race to get a portion of the total K35,000 grand prize.

The ultimate winner receives K20,000, the first runner up gets K10,000 and the third place act will be awarded K5,000.

Aired on the TVWan Life channel last Saturday, 7.30pm, all contestants stepped on stage prepared to give their best.

Beatboxers confident as Yu Em Khax semis loom

The two, calling themselves NoiZiiK, are among nine acts from the heats who made it through and are the only beatboxing act for the semi-finals.

They are also part founders of the beatboxing community in PNG, a form of hip hop art, slowly becoming popular among the young urban population.

Talking with Loop PNG yesterday, the two revealed that their auditioning in the first of its kind talent show was not pre-planned.