dAdiigii on his latest – Binatang

“O yu samting nating mi no wari, yu ya liklik binatang” goes the lyrics of dAdiigii’s latest song.

If one listens closely, Binatang actually gives a voice to the female population.

Women are subjected to violence and physically intimidated everywhere, even in a night club.

As explained by dAdiigii, the song captures the view of a woman who goes out to party and have a good time with her friends.

It can be frustrating when most men in the club think she is there to hook-up when she just wants to enjoy with friends.

“Her voice needs to be heard,” he says in a chat with Loop Entertainment.

Binatang recorded in 2015 under the Chin H Min label was only released last week Friday, February 3, sweeping fans off with its pop/samba beat.

The song is also seen to be a comeback of Masalai, which became one of the hottest songs in 2015.

“So with Binatang, all age groups are considered. The music is trendy and lyrics are suitable,” he adds.

dAdiigii will be releasing a few more songs into the year.

Next song Misim Yu, is expected to come out next month.

Gloria Bauai