Central Festival Day 2 with musical legends

The second day of the Central Music Festival promises to surpass the excitement and energy of the first, with a stellar lineup of Central's finest musical talents ready to captivate the audience.

From 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM, attendees will be treated to performances from an array of solo artists and bands that are sure to leave a lasting impression.

Solo Artists to watch:

Dokona Manoka - Hailing from Tubusereia, Hiri Koiari, Dokona's soulful melodies are set to enchant the crowd.

Martin Rawali - Representing Goilala, Martin brings a unique blend of traditional and contemporary sounds.

Betty Toea - From Paramana, Abau, Betty's powerful vocals are sure to resonate deeply.

Makali Tau - Another talent from Tubusereia, Hiri Koiari, Makali's performance is highly anticipated.

Jessie Joe - Kairuku's own, Jessie promises a memorable solo act.

Jugu Mahn - Hailing from Hula, Rigo, Jugu's distinctive style is a crowd favorite.

George Luff - Another artist from Hula, Rigo, George's tunes are sure to get the audience moving.

Gou Gaoma - Bringing the sounds of Kairuku, Gou is set to deliver an electrifying performance.

Hitsy Golou - From Gaire, Hiri Koiari, Hitsy's act is not to be missed.

JVee - Representing Paramana, Abau, JVee's musical talent is undeniable.

Taita Maraga - Kairuku’s rising star, Taita’s performance is highly anticipated.

Sue Ivirage - With roots in both Abau and Hiri Koiari, Sue's performance will be a highlight.

Garry Vaibua - From Korobosea, NCD, Garry's act promises to be a standout.

Murphy Buana - Representing Kairuku, Murphy’s musical prowess is well-known.

Francis Tokai - Goilala’s Francis is set to deliver an unforgettable performance.

Bands to Thrill:

Viginuts - Rigo’s own, bringing energetic rhythms to the stage.

PS2 - From Abau, their performance will blend tradition with modern flair.

Calypso - Gabgaba, Rigo's band ready to rock the stage.

Junior Vigi - Another gem from Rigo, promising dynamic tunes.

PX Boss Crews - Representing Porebada, Hiri Koiari, their performance will be a highlight.

Alex of POMEIIS - Goilala’s Alex is set to deliver a unique musical experience.

Moqai & Crows - From Hiri Koiari, their act is eagerly awaited.

Rapids of Sogeri - Bringing the sounds of Hiri Koiari, their performance will captivate the audience.

Central Gaba (Stage) Band will provide backup to the solo artists, with members Dika Dai (bass), John Toea (lead), Max Meauri (Keyboard 1), Lesly Hebou (Keyboard 2), and Kini Micah (drums), ensuring a seamless musical experience.

Reflecting on day one of the CMF, in an interview with CMA President Allen Kedea, he expressed his delight with the festival's opening day, noting the perfect weather and enthusiastic audience.

"It's been a wonderful audience, the weather's been perfect and our cultural groups have been really outstanding. Our stringbands have been performing well with people out on the floor dancing and enjoying themselves. The second day will be bigger and better, I'm sure. It was great to see all the cultural groups from Central and the old school string bands as well as the new up and coming."

With such an impressive lineup, the second day of the Central Music Festival is set to be an unforgettable experience, celebrating the rich musical heritage of Central Province and its talented artists.

Loop Author