‘Survivor’ ENB shoot expected in June

Minister for Tourism and Hospitality, Emil Tammur, says attempts are being made to begin production of the hit US TV show, Survivor, in East New Britain Province mid-year.

Producers of the show aim to film at least two seasons of the popular reality show in the Province and hope to begin production in June.

Minister Tammur said a meeting will be held next week with the producers to move forward plans of the production.

“And we have already collaborated with the guys in the US who are in Sydney, who we will meet next week when they come over,” said the Minister.

It has been revealed that two seasons of the show are being planned to be filmed in 2018 and will involve a 250-plus international production crew, hundreds of local labour hire, and other investments to the local economy.

Produced by Colombia Broadcasting System (CBS), the show is televised in 150 countries and has already featured Pacific Island countries such as Samoa, Fiji, Tahiti and Vanuatu.

Minister Tammur has called on the support of the Government to assist in preparing for the production and the aftermath of the show, which is expected to boost tourism numbers to the province

Survivor is going to be huge, and tourists will be wanting to come direct into East New Britain so, we will be looking into that as a long term five to ten year plan, and I think our government is ready to lead us in preparing.”

Cedric Patjole