Pruaitch: Sidelining is PM’s way of saying marriage is over

National Alliance (NA) Party executives and parliamentary wing agreed to break away from its five- year political marriage with ruling Peoples National Congress (PNC) Party.

The decision was announced straight after a caucus by NA’s parliamentary wing in Port Moresby after lunch today.         

Sidelined Treasury Minister and NA parliamentary leader Patrick Pruaitch said, “The decision to sideline myself is in fact, the prime minister saying to National Alliance, it’s time to break marriage and move on.

“It is an opportunity for National Alliance to go to the polls and seek mandate from our people, and that is what National Alliance is good at.

“We will try to win more seats to form the next alternative government for Papua New Guinea.

Meanwhile, NA Party president Walter Schnaubelt said, “after the 2012 General Election, PNC won the mandate to form the government and National Alliance Party was the first political party to be extended the invitation to form the government with PNC.

“The term handed when the writs were issued on the 20th April 2017.

“During the five years, National Alliance Party did everything in good time, and bad times to support the PNC led government.

“Our yes, was a yes, and our no, was a no.

“We respect the Prime Minister as he has the powers to commission and decommission any ministers.

“He decides to sideline National Alliance parliamentary leader, Patrick Pruaitch last week.

“On the weekend the National Alliance party executives meet in Kokopo to consider the decision of the prime minister.

“We the National Alliance party accept the prime minister’s decision to sideline the National Alliance parliamentary leader and the decision as also now sidelined the National Alliance Party from the PNC led government.

“The time has come for National Alliance to move on,” Schnabel said in a media conference.


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Charles Yapumi