National Alliance (NA) Party

Raluana: New Base for NA Party

This follows the opening and dedication of a meeting place or hausboi (house for men) recently.

NA Secretary-General and Namatanai MP Walter Schnaubelt who officially opened the hausboi acknowledged Ekonia Walom, for the initiative. The hausboi replicates his very own Kilak White House in Namatanai.

Schnaubelt said, “All the decisions in Kokopo will be made here. They named it Kilak following my meeting house in Namatanai which is on the ridge overseeing the whole Pacific Ocean.”

NA Candidates Endorsed

This was announced during the provincial party convention held at the Woolnough Vocational Training Centre in Raluana recently.

The four candidates are, Malakai Tabar (Gazelle Open), Fr. Benedict Tati (Pomio Open) Coleman Tamsak (Rabaul Open) and Ekonia Walom (Kokopo Open).

Secretary General of NA Party, Walter Schnaubelt who addressed the convention said he wants to introduce a new way of doing things.

“It is about time that the budget originates from the people so they have a say and the Member of Parliament follows the budget accordingly.

Counting: Kairuku Hiri progressive result- after elimination 19

After the 19th exclusion of Bernard Koae, Isoaimo is ahead on 14 357 votes.

1647 votes from Koae were distributed among the 8 remaining candidates.

Results for the top five after elimination 19:

1. Peter Isoaimo (NA): 14, 357

2. Paru Aihi (PNC): 11, 108

3. Steven John Manai (Pangu): 7,362

4. Scott Boio Morata (Indept): 5,510

5. Gabriel Nicholas (PPP): 5,218

The absolute majority now stands at 27,992.

The total votes distributed so far is 6526 and the total exhausted votes is 1,364.

Counting: Kairuku Hiri progressive result – after elimination 18

Counting officials stopped counting over non-payment of their allowances, however, they decided to resume today after they were assured that payment will be made.

After elimination 18, National Alliance candidate and incumbent Member Peter Isoaimo maintains a steady lead.

After the 18th exclusion of Jimmy Anio Aniawa Anio, Isoaimo is leading with 14,054 votes.

1332 votes from Anio were distributed among the 9 remaining candidates.

Results for the top five after elimination 18:

1. Peter Isoaimo (NA): 14 054

2. Paru Aihi (PNC): 10 721

​NA will negotiate after elections: Pruaitch

“We will go to the election as we are, and after the election period there is a negotiation period,” the NA parliamentary leader said.

NA Party has been in Government in the last 15 years but broke ranks with the People’s National Congress (PNC) Party last week, after Pruaitch was removed from his Treasury Ministry portfolio by the prime minister.

For 10 consecutive years, NA was the major partner in the coalition government under former Prime Minister Sir Michael Somare.   

PM O’Neill: National Alliance’s decision to leave was expected

“That is not unexpected, their mind and soul were already out of government, now the body is following,” O’Neill told Loop PNG.   

He was responding to questions from this newsroom about the decision reached by NA Party’s executives and parliamentary wing to leave the O’Neill –Dion Coalition Government. 

The decision was announced by the National Alliance Party Caucus in Port Moresby today.

Pruaitch: Sidelining is PM’s way of saying marriage is over

The decision was announced straight after a caucus by NA’s parliamentary wing in Port Moresby after lunch today.         

Sidelined Treasury Minister and NA parliamentary leader Patrick Pruaitch said, “The decision to sideline myself is in fact, the prime minister saying to National Alliance, it’s time to break marriage and move on.

“It is an opportunity for National Alliance to go to the polls and seek mandate from our people, and that is what National Alliance is good at.

“We will try to win more seats to form the next alternative government for Papua New Guinea.