Police boss satisfied with security operations

​Police Commissioner Gari Baki has commended people in the Highlands region for a peaceful polling period in preparation for counting.

Baki said he was impressed with the conduct of the elections after travelling to various Highlands provinces.

He said so far, security operations in the Highlands region and the country have been going very well.

Baki had travelled to Mendi, Wabag and Hela on Tuesday and was satisfied with what was happening on ground.

“Our security personnel are prepared to allow the counting to go ahead in these provinces.”

He also called on Provincial Police Commanders to get the counting over with so it will not impinge on the funding allocations for the security operations.

“On the whole, I am satisfied and certain that the security forces are well prepared to complete the counting.”

Meantime, Baki said Hela Province has set a new standard in the elections for the country as they are the first province to declare an elected member and will most likely complete other counting today.

He said despite negativity and criticisms on Hela, they have delivered and proved critics wrong.

Baki will be visiting the New Guinea Islands region today and observe what is happening on the ground.

Freddy Mou