O’Neill confident of numbers

Incumbent Prime Minister Peter O'Neill is confident to form government.

O’Neill arrived late today into Alotau along with other three MPs.

This brings the total number of MPs in the Alotau camp to 54.

Those who arrived include John Pundari, MP for Kompiam Ambum, William Duma, Hagen MP and Lagaip Porgera MP elect Tomait Kapili.

Accompanying them was also Nick Kuman whose Gumini Open seat declaration is yet to be confirmed.

O'Neill in a short media briefing said his team is confident in forming the next government.

"We are confident that many of our coalition partners and their team will do well and we will certainly deliver a good government for our country."

Meanwhile, 10 more declarations are yet to be made before the return of writs on Monday July 31st.

Freddy Mou