New security measures for ballot papers in Simbu

​ All ballot papers in Simbu have been stamped with a special label before being sent to the polling venues.

Provincial Election steering Committee chairman, Joe Tunda Nao, says the committee came up with the stamp for security measures.

Nao explained that the use of this stamp consumed a lot of time which resulted in the polling being deferred from yesterday to today.

“We have to do quality checks on all the ballot papers and stamp them before sending them to the polling venues.

“The same stamped ballot paper must be returned and not others apart from that.”

He added that the teams are ready to be dispatched to remote areas in the province.

However, he says one of the factors in the delay of polling is the weather pattern and the accessibility to some remote areas.

Nao further reiterated that despite the rumors about illegal ballot papers being circulated around they are taking strict security measures to try and contain it.


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Freddy Mou