NCD polls: Reconciliation of ballot papers today

An open reconciliation of ballot papers for polling in the National Capital District will be held today for candidates and scrutineers.

NCD Election Manager, Alvin Jimmy, and his assistant, Bale Kavanamur, are conducting the reconciliation in a bid to dispel rumours and suspicions of election rigging in the capital city.

Both men, who were appointed yesterday after their predecessors were detained by police, announced during a meeting with NCD candidates and the Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, that the reconciliation was the first order of business.

“All of you will know exactly how many (ballot) papers have been issued and after the polling, we will know how many papers have been used and how many have been returned,” said Jimmy.

He said it was a massive task ahead of polling tomorrow but one that needs to be done.

Jimmy urged all candidates to support them to ensure NCD polling is successful.

The reconciliation process will take place at the Jack Pidik Park at 2pm.

Cedric Patjole