NCD polling

VIDEO: Police ready for NCD counting

Turi stated this following the many issues, including the allegations of assault by police officials on candidates and other issues that are halting the progress of National Elections 2017.


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VIDEO: NCD ballot papers arrive

Some of them even revealed that the much talked about camping fee had not been released to them.


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NCD polling will go ahead

He said this afternoon that the main issue that deferred polling on Tuesday will be sorted out.

On Tuesday, polling officials in Moresby North-West, as well as parts of Moresby South, refused to conduct polling after their allowances were not paid on time.

This forced Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, to defer polling for all three NCD electorates.

Jimmy told the media that allowances will be paid, which he has asked to be done in cash to ensure polling takes place.

NCD police advise on change of venue

The NCD Election manager, Alvin Jimmy explains that the police advised him that the Park was not a viable option.

Jimmy told Loop PNG that the Park was not secure for the pre-counting and so they contacted management of the Rita Flyn courts who agreed to have the process held there.

One of the activities to take place will be the replacing of used ballot papers from the deferred polling held on Tuesday.

The Rita Flynn Courts will be the central coordinating office for the NCD Election until after the Elections.

NCD polls: Reconciliation of ballot papers today

NCD Election Manager, Alvin Jimmy, and his assistant, Bale Kavanamur, are conducting the reconciliation in a bid to dispel rumours and suspicions of election rigging in the capital city.

Both men, who were appointed yesterday after their predecessors were detained by police, announced during a meeting with NCD candidates and the Electoral Commissioner, Patilias Gamato, that the reconciliation was the first order of business.

Parkop: It’s like a bad dream coming back

In 2012, polling was deferred to a day after the scheduled date for this electorate.

This year, polling has been deferred once more. However, this time, affecting all electorates of NCD.

Current NCD Governor Powes Parkop recalls the 2012 elections.

“And in terms of the counting, I was the last to be declared. When Peter O’Neil was elected as the Prime Minister, I was not yet a Member of Parliament. It’s like a bad dream coming back,” he says.

On Tuesday the Electoral Commissioner declared Friday June 30 as the rescheduled date for NCD polling.