Moresby North East candidate supports grassroots

Candidate for the Moresby North East seat Joe Tintin Saraga is contesting in the 2017 National Elections to support grassroots and their livelihoods.

Saraga says he’s standing in the elections for the grassroots and the people living in the settlements.

The 40 year old from a mix parentage of Gaire, Koiari and Kairuku was born and raised in the settlement at Six Mile where he currently resides.

He is self-employed and struggles like other settlers to look after his family.

Saraga said after going through these struggles with no assistance from the Government to provide basic services like water and electricity, he decided to stand for the elections to help the settlers.

Saraga has received huge support from the settlers in the area and in the Moresby North East electorate.

“Our lives are at risk as the Government intends to remove settlements in the city.

“I aim to fight for the settlers throughout the city to get land titles and bring in basic services into the settlements and convert them into suburbs.

Saraga has assured supporters and to all settlers throughout Moresby North East that they will not be forgotten as they make up a huge population of the city.

“We often get forgotten by the leaders we vote into Parliament to represent us.

“I have been born and raised in the settlement so I know your struggles and what you go through every day,” he said.

Saraga is contesting against 51 candidates for the Moresby North East seat including sitting member Labi Amaiu.

Quintina Naime