Lone woman contests ENB provincial seat

Only one woman has raised her hands to contest the East New Britain Provincial seat.

Independent candidate Lanieth AUA will be challenging sitting Member for Gazelle and Deputy Prime Minister, Sir Leo Dion, along with 17 other candidates.

Kokopo Open MP Ereman ToBaining Jnr currently occupies the Governor seat.

Below is a list of candidates for the ENB provincial seat, provided by the PNG Electoral Commission:

10 William Rave KOIATUNA

17 Nelson KIENE (Melanesian Liberal Party)

24 Levi Silu ORONG (Social Democratic Party)

11 Paterl Gerard WAIPO (Independent)

18 Michael KONJIB (Ind)

25 Shadrick KAMINIEL (PKP)

12 Joseph Ezekiel NIULI (Ind)

19 Boniface Michael SETAVO (Ind)

26 Darius WAULA JNR (Ind)

13 Nakikus KONGA (People’s Progress Party)

20 Henry BOBUT (MNP)

27 Iona ALIPET (Ind)

14 Leo DION (People’s National Congress Party)

21 Sinai BROWN (Triumph Heritage Empowerment Party)

28 Gershon PASSINGAN (Ind)

15 Martin ULALOM (Grass Roots United Front Party)

22 Henry TOKUBAK (Ind)


16 John Holysham SAMBIE (PNG Party)

23 Lanieth AUA (Ind)


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Carmella Gware