Female candidate joins race for Goilala Open

A female candidate has joined the race for the Goilala Open seat, registering her nomination today to contest the 2017 National Elections.

Chemical Engineer, Matilda Tagu Koma nominated at 2pm today, joining 10 other male candidates who have nominated so far to contest the Goilala Open seat.

Koma is running under the banner of Social Democratic Party. She was the third runner-up in the By Elections after the death of the late member, Daniel Mona.

Current sitting MP William Samb of Pangu Pati also nominated today, just before 2pm.

Samb is confident of retaining his seat and hopes that his performance as member in the past 18 months will speak during the polls.

He thanked the Electoral Commission for allowing those contesting the Goilala Open seat to nominate in Port Moresby, given the current road condition in the district.

John Mona, brother of the late member, Daniel Mona is also in the race, running as an Independent candidate.

Other Independent candidates include Henry Ivaro and Mathew Poia.

Henry Kita of Stars Alliance Party,  James Tossip Mondo of True Party Inc, Theophilo Ile of PNG One Nation Party,  Camilo Esef and UPNG Academic, Dr. Felix Gitai of Coalition for Reform Party have also nominated.

Peter Nomai of the People's Progress Party was the 11th candidate who registered at 3:45 pm today.

According to Returning Officer Theodore Maia, 42 intending candidates filed the Form 29 (Bio form) to contest the elections.


Sally Pokiton