Arore comes clear on decision to challenge Juffa

The people of Northern Province do not have a fatherly figure, and I am contesting for the regional seat to provide that, says current Ijivitari Open MP, David Arore.

The two-term parliamentarian and People’s National Congress member will face Governor Gary Juffa and 29 other candidates in the June National Election polls.      

Juffa is also the party leader of the People's Movement for Change party.

“I guess this is the million dollar question, everyone will be asking why I switched from the Open seat to the Regional seat,” Arore said in an interview yesterday.  

“I decided that, I will make my shift after being in the government and politics for 10 years.

“Over the 10 years, I have grown and matured in politics, and I have realised that Open Members had been marginalised, and kept out of the operations of the Oro Provincial Government, especially when it came to budget allocation for projects, which I have become a victim of. 

“And for me, I think, I would rather lose attempting to run for the governor’s seat than run and win the election as the MP for Ijivitari, and still be face with the same problem for 15 years.”

Both parliamentarians have not compromised in the last five years and the Open MP is confident of knocking the sitting governor off his seat.       

“I am a politician and I have calculated (the risks), if it’s a political suicide, I will not take the risk, but I have calculated all my options, and I think the chances are over 100 per cent of winning the governor seat, which is why I decided to switch,” Arore said.

“The people in the province have been missing a leader, a father in the last 10 years. Because the current and former governors have not been in the province to address issues, a good example is the recent road accident causing 13 lives.”


Charles Yapumi