Governor Gary Juffa

Incorporated Business Groups Act Amended

The amendments facilitate:

  • The reform of the law relating to incorporated business groups to combat money laundering;  
  • Provision for better internal governance; and
  • Online Filing, among other related purposes.

Minister Samb said this is the first time in almost fifty years since the passing of the Bill that amendments will be made to the Act.

Arore comes clear on decision to challenge Juffa

The two-term parliamentarian and People’s National Congress member will face Governor Gary Juffa and 29 other candidates in the June National Election polls.      

Juffa is also the party leader of the People's Movement for Change party.

“I guess this is the million dollar question, everyone will be asking why I switched from the Open seat to the Regional seat,” Arore said in an interview yesterday.  

“I decided that, I will make my shift after being in the government and politics for 10 years.

K30 million bridges in Oro are safe: Juffa

 Following reports of bridges along the Kokoda-Oro Bay highway being washed away by floods yesterday, the Oro Governor took a helicopter ride this morning to assess the situation on the ground.

Juffa told Loop PNG that: “the situation is not as bad as reported.

“Eroro, Kumusi and Girua bridges have not been washed away; it’s the temporary Bailey bridges that had their bases getting washed.”

The new bridges currently under construction are being built with funding from the Australian Government worth K30 million.