​Polling booth locations causing dissent

The locations of polling booths in Jiwaka Province is causing disagreements.

Election manager, Rossie Pandihau, said the issue arose from a certain electorate about centralising polling booths.

“This caused some candidates and supporters to disagree, resulting in an uproar.”

Pandihau said one of the returning officers was assaulted and more problems are expected to arise come the polling period in the province if the issue is not attended to quickly.

She adds that the electoral commission team has been corresponding with the team in Port Moresby to look at alternative ways to resolve the problem.

“Although the decision has been made where the 184 polling booths will be located in the province, we would still need the decision to be revisited to prevent more uproar.”

Pandihau said apart from that, she is proud to see that women are stepping out and that there are now five women contesting the elections. From the five; two are contesting the regional seat while three are for the North Waghi electorate.

“Obviously, there are challenges that they will have to go through considering that this is a male dominated society we are living in.”

She urged the people in Jiwaka Province to take ownership of the 2017 election and knowing the security election operations has been launched, the people must work together with police to make this election a free, fair and safe one.

“The electoral process is for everyone to take responsibility and to make sure they exercise their rights to the fullest,” she adds.

“So far, the security and police operations in province have also been progressing well.”

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Annette Kora