​Helicopter firm defends itself

Heli Solutions Ltd has defended itself, saying it is not to be blamed for the delay in polling in some remote areas of the Highlands Region.

A spokesman said they were ready for Eastern Highlands, Simbu and Hela when polling was scheduled for June 26.

Delay on ground due to candidate grievances and other factors saw polling in some of these areas deferred, therefore the helicopter company left, with clearance from Electoral officials, to attend to other electoral jobs that needed their assistance.

This morning they have sent two helicopters to Eastern Highlands Province and one to Simbu Province to assist in insertion and extractions of polling teams for the remote areas.

Heli Solutions has engaged 8 helicopters and 1 plane to assist the Electoral Commission with transportation in the Highlands Region.

(Heli Solutions Ltd Facebook page)

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Charmaine Poriambep