​Confusion at NCD polling sites

There is still confusion at a number of polling sites through the NCD electorates.

Some polling officials are not aware of the decisions made to defer polling.

Team 3 and 4 of Moresby North-East, stationed at Three-Mile, set up at 9:30am.

The officials confirmed polling materials on site but no word yet from the authorities.

A few police personnel were on site.

In the meantime, people who have gathered at polling sites are being advised to wait for official notice.

In the case of box 5, voting commenced at 9am but had to close by 10 upon word of deferral.

Presiding officer Joyce Avosa said at least 20 people have already cast their votes.

She said the ballot papers used are now considered nullified and will be discarded.

"We will have proper polling on Friday. I will speak to my ARO that we stopped at 10:20am.

“We have a crowd here complaining but I will wait for word from the bosses.”

Gloria Bauai