Warning issued to citizens under quarantine

SOE Controller and Police Commissioner, David Manning, has issued a stern warning to citizens undergoing 14 days of quarantine at various designated facilities to strictly observe the quarantine protocols or face the consequences.

Manning said this following reports of citizens not taking heed of the control measures put in place.

“I must warn citizens that are coming into the country that the 14-day quarantine period and the protocols in place under the SOE are non-negotiable. Everyone must complete the 14-day quarantine period and must be cleared by a designated medical officer before leaving the quarantine facility,” Manning stressed.

Commissioner Manning said both police and hotel security are placed on a 24-hour basis at the facilities to ensure all protocols are complied with and to ensure the credibility of the quarantine is achieved.

He further said no person under quarantine is allowed to leave their room without the written authority from him as the Emergency Controller; except in the case of an emergency. If a person becomes ill or starts showing any symptoms of COVID-19, they should immediately contact the medical services.

“Non-compliance with the order by a non-PNG citizen or non-PNG permanent resident shall result in immediate deportation, the cost of which shall be borne by that person and also, legal action to be taken for breach of Emergency Orders,” Manning said.

Press release