Young Sinesine-Yongumugl man to attend flying school

Air Niugini and Sinesine-Yongumugl district in Chimbu Province have again signed an agreement today to send another young man from the district to train as a pilot in New Zealand.

Witnessing the occasion today was local MP Kerenga Kua and Air Niugini’s Executive manager for Flights operations Captain Samiu Taufa alongside Human Resource General Manager Rei Logona.

Kua said the agreement was an important exercise for his district as it encourages young people to have bigger dreams and visions in their lives.

He said the partnership with Air Niugini to send  Daniel Jack, 26 to the flying school was to inspire younger children in the district to aspire and do more and achieve their dreams.

“They (children) need somebody to fly the flag in front of them as a role model and demonstrate certain things that they thought was impossible but to motivate them.”

Kua thanked Air Niugini for such partnership with his district for producing pilots in the country and pledged to continue such partnership.

 Jack will be enrolled at Nelson Aviation in New Zealand for a duration of 18 months.

He is the third cadet that will be sponsored by Sinesine-Yongumugl district and Air Niugini.

Another cadet who has gone through this process is currently doing his training at Coffs Harbour in Australia.

However, the other young female who also went through the same process have been called back due to not successfully meeting some criteria in the training.

Kua thanked Jack for his eagerness and striving to achieve his dreams.

The agreement will end at the end of this year.

However, Kua said he will be renewing the agreement and support young people in his district to achieve their dreams as pilots.

Meanwhile, Jack thanked Air Niugini and Kua for such an initiative to help young people achieve their dreams.

Freddy Mou