What drivers can expect when being pulled over

Police officers should accompany road safety officers at roadblocks.

Assistant Commissioner of Traffic, Jerry Frank, says there is a clear demarcation between civilian road safety officers and traffic police.

Frank made this statement when reiterating calls made by the NCD Metropolitan police commander Ben Turi that no officers, whether with Motor Vehicles Insurance Limited (MVIL) or police, are regulated under any traffic act to remove licences.

He says if the offenders have committed an offense then they should be dealt with under the law rather than have their licences taken.

Drivers were advised that road safety officers at roadblocks are only supposed to be checking if the vehicles are roadworthy and ensure the validity of  safety sticker and licence.

Frank also said drivers must ensure that they have an appropriate licence class according to the vehicle they are driving.

If they are in breach of this then they will be fined accordingly. At no time should licences be taken from the drivers.

Traffic police have the authority to arrest and charge drivers under the appropriate laws, but they also cannot take licences from the drivers.

What drivers can expect is to be given a traffic infringement notice or TIN, which they will have 14 days to either sort out through vehicle upgrade or fine payment.

If the offender fails to sort him or herself out after the two-week grace period then they will be summoned to court.

Franks says for now, the Road Transport Authority, MVIL and police are collaborating to ensure greater coordination is taking place among themselves.

This is to also make sure that they all work well to facilitate for safety on the road.

Julianna Waeda