Turi calls for support from MPs

All National Capital District Members of Parliament must support police in policing in the capital, says Ben Turi, NCD metropolitan superintendent.

Moresby North-East - Labi Amaiu,  Moresby North-West – Michael Malabag,  Moresby South – Justin Tkatchenko and NCD Regional – Powes Parkop, are the electorates and MPs in the nation’s capital.  

The NCD police boss questioned why local parliamentarians failed to financially help fund the festive season operation in the city.

“Four MPs have failed us financially.”

He added that police need more vehicles to show presence.

“We need five cars in each station to complement the operations.”

Turi said the only source of funding of K20,000 came from police headquarters but is inadequate for the 25 operational sections.

The city roads did not experience any major accidents as police set up roadblocks and pulled drunk drivers off the roads.

He added that, “all policemen on festive operation in the city will not get allowance for this duty.”

The NCD Christmas operation will wind down on January 4. 

Charles Yapumi