Tumbuna Pasin Day underway at Nature Park

Tumbuna Pasin Day is giving the public a glimpse into the past.

Currently underway at the Port Moresby Nature Park, this event is showcasing a variety of traditional practices including culinary, dances and art.

Performances include sago making, carving masks and totems, basket weaving, traditional painting, dances, fire making, and food processes such as aigir, maget, cassava cake and kulau jam among others.

Hosted in a relaxing and free environment, this first of its kind event is fast attracting both local and international audiences.

The visiting public have applauded this event on its variety of cultural aspects captured and one Elizabeth Iram says this is the way to showing the young the ways of the past.

Tumbuna Pasin Day is organised in partnership with the National Cultural Commission, Tourism Promotion Authority and NARI (National Agriculture Research Institute).

This is a completely unique approach to other cultural celebrations with the focus on learning and the development of a deeper appreciation of cultural diversity. 

Gate fees are charged at: Adults – K7, Students – K4 and Kids (3-5 yrs) – K3.

Gloria Bauai