Tkatchenko: FIFA will be massive broadcasting event

The FIFA Under 20 Women’s World Cup will be the biggest broadcasting event ever in PNG’s history.

The event will be broadcast to roughly 650 million people around and will be used as a tool to promote PNG.

Minister for Sports, APEC and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko said many people in the country did not realise the magnitude of the event.

“This is no small thing when you talk about the FIFA World Cup, and when you talk about promoting our country, this is a massive thing.”

Audiences around the world will be treated to 15 minutes of footage promoting PNG before every match played in the tournament.

Tkatchenko said the Tourism Promotion Authority have assisted FIFA Broadcasters with footage of PNG which they will use as pre-match films.

He also called on Port Moresby resident to go out in numbers and watch the matches and the newly built infrastructures and show the world PNG’s appreciation of the tournament.

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Cedric Patjole