FIFA Under 20 Women’s World Cup

Security detail on route for major events

PNGDF Chief of Force preparation, Colonel Siale Diro told PNG Loop that all citizens and visitors or observers can be rest assured that the special defense forces as well as their support agencies are gearing up for all these international meets.

The citizens of this country should be assured that should there be an international security incident there is a Long range reconnaissance unit on standby to support police and government during the upcoming FIFA  games and APEC Summit in 2018.

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Barras beat Hong Kong by 14 runs

The Hebou PNG Barramundis beat Hong Kong by 14 runs in today’s One Day International match.


APEC taskforce focuses on framework

The Joint Services Task Force (JSTF), designated to coordinate security operations for APEC 2018, is currently focusing on setting up its framework.

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Governor General in a critical medical condition

Governor General Sir Michael Ogio, is now being treated in Australia after been medivaced from Port Moresby early morning.

Prostitution will not be legalised says O’Neill

Moresby South’s 400 girls involved in FIFA games

The countries under the care of the electorate will be Spain, Nigeria, Brazil, and France.

Minister for Sports, APEC, and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko, said shirts will be printed with the flags of each country and given to the girls to wear as chaperones for each country.

He said the teams will have about two to three days between matches and will have time to visit the city and so will be looked after by the girls.

Selected communities have been tasked with each country and they are:

Tkatchenko: FIFA will be massive broadcasting event

The event will be broadcast to roughly 650 million people around and will be used as a tool to promote PNG.

Minister for Sports, APEC and National Events, Justin Tkatchenko said many people in the country did not realise the magnitude of the event.

“This is no small thing when you talk about the FIFA World Cup, and when you talk about promoting our country, this is a massive thing.”

Audiences around the world will be treated to 15 minutes of footage promoting PNG before every match played in the tournament.