Teachers, an important asset for any society: Director

The Papua New Guinea Education Institute today celebrated International Teachers Day by doing a march pass around the Waigani drive area.

The International Teachers Day, which was supposed to be commemorated on Wednesday 5th October, was delayed due to reasons beyond their control.

Teachers are an extremely important asset for any society as they are the ones who educate the youth of society. They, in turn, become leaders of the next generation and play an important role in developing their country.

PNGEI Director Dr Zui Neofa says the International World Teachers Day is significant day that every teacher must be recognised in their role as knowledge givers, shaping our children for the future.

“This day gives us the opportunity to promote and recognise the importance of teachers in the future of every generation and to show appreciation and highlight the many contributions of the teaching profession,” Dr Neofa says.

He adds that PNG has come this far because of the many sacrifices made by our teachers and the love they have for teaching.

“We will continue to work together with the Teaching Service Commission, the PNG Teachers Association to ensure that our teachers are well looked after, in terms of their welfare.”

Annette Kora