Teaching Service Commission

More teachers to be recruited

Provincial program advisor for education, Keith Tangui, said with a ceiling of 3,000, the province will start off by recruiting 500 teachers next year.

The education division aims to recruit graduates from other universities. However, Tangui said they will need to undergo further studies at the University of Goroka.

“We cannot get them direct from university and put them in the classroom, em mi tok nogat,” he stated.

Alleged teachers’ pay cut to be investigated

The Teaching Service Commission and Education Department denied these allegations saying the decrease in their pay packets is not pay cut, rather it is their normal net pay following the cessation of the outstanding 3 percent pay increment dating back to 2017.

Chairman of Teaching Service Commission Baran Sori said the Government approved the 3 percent pay increment for teachers dating back to 2017.

He said teachers across the country were paid their outstanding dues which accumulated from 1st January 2017.

Teachers, an important asset for any society: Director

The International Teachers Day, which was supposed to be commemorated on Wednesday 5th October, was delayed due to reasons beyond their control.

Teachers are an extremely important asset for any society as they are the ones who educate the youth of society. They, in turn, become leaders of the next generation and play an important role in developing their country.

PNGEI Director Dr Zui Neofa says the International World Teachers Day is significant day that every teacher must be recognised in their role as knowledge givers, shaping our children for the future.

Teachers in WSP raise concerns over non-payment of salary

The teachers were told to complete their resumption duty forms and submit in March to be on payroll in April, which they did. However, they haven’t been paid for months.

A handful of those graduate teachers made attempts to follow up on their salaries during the first term break.

They were told by the provincial education branch in Vanimo that the main office in Port Moresby had misplaced their resumption duty forms. They were then advised to re-fill the forms for the second time.

Teachers encouraged to focus on values

Teaching Service Commission chairman Baran Sori said teachers need to re-focus to help and mold students to become good citizens.

This must be done through teaching and the way they conduct themselves in the school and community as role models for students to emulate.

Sori urged the 52 000 teachers nationwide to make a small positive impact on a student or group of students in your school.

Teaching Commission finalising five year plan

The corporate plan will be aimed at implementing the Parliament Referral Committee on Education Recommendations presented in the Education Report (2014).

This Report was presented to Parliament on August 26, 2014 by Wabag MP Robert Ganim and approved by Parliament.

The findings in the Report stated that every year teachers raise concerns over non-payment and underpayment of salaries, allowances and lengthy delays in the payment of entitlements.

TSC: Teachers' salaries must be addressed at provincial level

Teaching Service Commission (TSC) chairman Baran Sori says this issue is ongoing every year and many of the issues including salaries, leave fares and allowances can be resolved at the provincial education offices.

Baran addressed the media today regarding reports of teachers demanding their overdue payments.

He said TSC receives 7000 queries each year but not so much is about pays and entitlements, which is a positive sign.

“52,000 teachers were given a 10 percent increment since 2013 and that is an indication that they’re recognised by the State,” said Baran.