Sustainable tourism needed to move industry forward

Sustainable practices are greatly needed to move the tourism industry forward.

Eco-tourism business owner Vincent Kumura said sustainable tourism practices are very necessary in the tourism industry.

Kumura stressed the importance of sustainable tourism practices when speaking to students at the recent 9th Liklik Diwai Tourism Expo hosted by Divine Word University in Madang.

Kumura is the managing director for Snow Pass eco-lodge located at Bundi in Madang Province.

He said tourism must be managed sustainably from the product development, strategic management, integrated marketing to the customer service delivery stages. 

Kumara stressed that the same concept applies to eco-tourism products and services.

“Eco-tourism simply is a tourism activity that focuses on appreciating, preserving, and adding value to the local culture, natural environment and lifestyle of the people in and around an area.

“Bilum making groups, carving specialists, singsing groups, tracking clubs and bird watching groups are all examples of eco-tourism businesses,” he said.

Kumara added that without a good management of the local people’s expectations especially for startup eco-lodges or bird watching groups may impede the business from progressing. 

Quintina Naime